Stainless steel has a long tradition in building and is characterized by its long service life and minimal maintenance costs.

Chrysler Building in New York is a sign of superior quality stainless steel which gets a patina over time, but in terms of quality is as good as new.

Thanks to the excellent material properties the stainless steel gains increasing importance in the production of swimming pools. Today it is almost more than 80% of stainless steel swimming pools made of chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel (V4A).

The decisive criteria for choosing the correct stainless steel for pools are mainly chloride content in the pool water and the water temperature. Investor determines the temperature and chloride content or other chemicals in the water are determined through the analysis of the water.

Thermal and therapeutic water usually has a higher chloride content, so highly alloyed materials are used.

  • for conctruction surfaces which we can’t clean regurarly is possible to use stainless steel type:
    –        1.4547 (X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7; 254 SMO)
  • for surfaces which we can (and it is necessary to require) clean easily, it is possible except above-mentioned to use also stainless steels:

    –        1.4404 (X2CrNiMo17-12-2),

    –        1.4462 (X2CrNiMoN22-5-3)

Pools are most often filled with water in drinking quality with low chloride content (mineralogical composition according to valid notice). Preferably suitable quality for these pools is 1.4404.

In case of uncertainty, Berndorf Bäderbau technicians help you in selecting suitable stainless steel material for your pool.

Besides high-quality material for the construction of stainless steel swimming pools Berndorf Bäderbau Company uses also:

  • glass or acrylate glass
  • GRP – fiberglass
  • PP – Polypropylene
  • stone – f. ex. an alternative coverage

Acrylate glass

Berndorf Bäderbau Company uses not only for its diverse dividing walls (see attractions), but also for various water attractions, and creates a new pool features.

GRP – fiberglass

Fiberglass is used for our starting blocks. These covers provide a comfortable temperature surfaces also in the large heat, are slip resistant and available in different colors.

PP – Polypropylene

Cover grate plate from Berndorf Bäderbau Company of polypropylene (PP) is mainly characterized by the high quality of its manufactory, UV resistance, easy cleaning and long service life. The surface is equipped with non-slip protuberances. Cover grate plate is available in different colors. Berndorf Bäderbau Company also offers the stainless steel covering grate plates.

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Flow systems

Here is a genuine product of the flow device for fitness swimming. We respond to increasing need of our customers to provide devices with higher power than are actually in the market

Titanium pools

We passed on the first pool made of titanium material, based on increasing requirements of our customers, in April 2016. For example salinity of the water from the Dead Sea would not permit the use of even the highest quality stainless steels. Berndorf Bäderbau is the first manufacturer of titanium pools in the world.

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