Public pools


Aquaparks are usually owned by municipalities and cities, but private aquaparks accrue recently. The optimum water temperature in the relaxation part of pools is from 29 to 31 °C and the water temperature to 35 °C in the whirlpools.
Aquaparks are especially equipped with attractive water slides and other attractions, especially for children of all ages. These centers are often equipped with wellness zone with sauna world, physiotherapy and massages. For water with a higher percentage of salinity, respectively with the mineral composition of the water it is necessary to use better quality stainless steel material.


Swimming pools for outdoor and indoor pools and pool centers

Outdoor pools and pool centers are mostly equipped with pools for active swimming without bigger slide and other attractions. The optimum water temperature is 26 from to 28 °C. The pools are equipped with swimming lanes, in case of requirement also according to FINA standards.

Pool especially for diving

To increase the attractiveness of water parks, swimming pools and outdoor pools the pool for diving is one of the options. It is used for diving training both public and IZS CR (police, firemen, etc.). It is also possible to add a jumping tower, a climbing wall, or some adrenaline attractions f. ex. JUMPING BULL Aquarena GmbH (AT).


Berndorf – jumping bull aquarena
It can also be equipped with sightglasses, water lighting or underwater breakout platforms. The optimum water temperature is 30 °C. Pools with larger depth of water, usually about 9 meters.

Inside out pool

It serves to variegation the experience of swimming in outdoor spaces by swimming out from the indoor pool. Outdoor section is often equipped with therapeutic loungers for relaxing in the outdoor air. The water temperature should be at least 32 °C.

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Flow systems

Here is a genuine product of the flow device for fitness swimming. We respond to increasing need of our customers to provide devices with higher power than are actually in the market

Titanium pools

We passed on the first pool made of titanium material, based on increasing requirements of our customers, in April 2016. For example salinity of the water from the Dead Sea would not permit the use of even the highest quality stainless steels. Berndorf Bäderbau is the first manufacturer of titanium pools in the world.

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