We offer complete services in the processing of project studies solutions of WELLNESS and SPA centers.

We will design optimized dispositional solution in collaboration with the best experts for this type of equipment. By optimized we mean project with minimized operating and investment costs respecting a maximum of modern design, and a high level of customer services.
We provide additional phases of PD in the next steps. We will deliver wellness construction units by the form of the general contractor. We can deliver stainless steel pools and whirlpools including water treatment technologies, complete sauna world or ventilation equipment suitable for the pool environment.
To the wellness cures belong:

  • pool with massage bench and jets, water spout, counterflow
  • Thai massage, classic full body massage, partial massage, honey massage, lava stone massage
  • Finnish or dry sauna
  • steam bath
  • cryogenic therapy
  • salt caves or salt-aerosol chambers
  • fitness (aerobic machines) – eliptical, multifunctional fitness towers, Treadmill – pavement, ergometers

The word wellness primary means the way to harmony of mind, body and soul through mental, physical, surrounding and social well-being. The goal is to make a person feel good. We can meet with the designation of wellness in the context of various offers for rest, f.ex. hotels, spa houses, public swimming pools, homes for the elderly, or rehabilitation centers.

Relaxation pool – Hotel Vitality Vendryně is just a typical example of close cooperation with the investor and his ideas.

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Flow systems

Here is a genuine product of the flow device for fitness swimming. We respond to increasing need of our customers to provide devices with higher power than are actually in the market

Titanium pools

We passed on the first pool made of titanium material, based on increasing requirements of our customers, in April 2016. For example salinity of the water from the Dead Sea would not permit the use of even the highest quality stainless steels. Berndorf Bäderbau is the first manufacturer of titanium pools in the world.

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