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Have a price calculation send to you for free! The price calculation is non-binding.

Fill in required contact information on this page and describe what you are specifically interested in:

  • Private/hotel/rehabilitation swimming pool
  • Whirlpool
  • Cooling pool
  • Wellness
  • Custom made
  • Maintenance of an existing pool etc.

Fill in the approximate width (m), length (m), depth (m), type of pool walls (with channel, wall skimmer or combined) and the place of construction (municipality, city)

If necessary, specify additional components:

  • Lighting (pcs)
  • Steps/built-in ladder
  • Counter current unit
  • Handles (m)
  • Hydromassage benches or beds (m)
  • Grid material – polypropylene / stainless

Decide whether you require recommendation for a company dealing with technological treatment of pool water, and whether you have selected a building company for building preparations. We are ready to offer and recommend you suitable companies (from your region).

We will contact you via phone in case of any unclarity. We will specify your inquiry or arrange a meeting where we can discuss everything together with you.

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    Sistemas de corriente

    Lanzamos este original producto consistente en un dispositivo de corriente para natación de mantenimiento. Respondemos a la creciente necesidad de nuestros clientes y ofrecemos equipos con mayor potencia que los productos que están actualmente en el mercado.

    Piscinas de titanio

    En base a los requerimientos crecientes de nuestros clientes entregamos en abril de 2016 la primera piscina fabricada con material de titanio. Por ejemplo, la concentración salina del agua del Mar Muerto no permitió usar ni los aceros inoxidables de mayor calidad. Berndorf Bäderbau es, de esta manera, el primer fabricante de piscinas de titanio del mundo.
    Počet realizací: 835