Why stainless steel pools

Advantages of stainless steel pools:

  • Long service life
  • Hermetic wholeness of the surface without clefts
  • Permanent tightness
  • Easy working and maintenance
  • Simple winterizing of the pool
  • Stainless steel - the material of modern architects

Advantages of pools from the company Berndorf Bäderbau:

  • Simple construction
  • Possibility of thermal insulation of the walls in swimming pool
  • Patented vertical flow through the pool
  • Anti-slip areas with a nodule surface
  • Consultancy, care and quality service
  • The leader of new product development

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Flow systems

Here is a genuine product of the flow device for fitness swimming. We respond to increasing need of our customers to provide devices with higher power than are actually in the market.

Titanium pools

We passed on the first pool made of titanium material, based on increasing requirements of our customers, in April 2016. For example salinity of the water from the Dead Sea would not permit the use of even the highest quality stainless steels. Berndorf Bäderbau is the first manufacturer of titanium pools in the world.

How we build:

 Certificates & Standards

BERNDORF BÄDERBAU s.r.o company is a certificate holder of many ISO certificates concerning welding and also management quality.

We use cutting-edge technologies as well as ensure the top quality of all our products.


Since the invention of stainless steel in 1913 the general understanding of usable qualities of this metal material has been changed, compared to the views of previous generations.

Qualities of new material became important also for construction of stainless pools.



We use the top quality materials for pool construction. These materials meet the most firm hygienic and safety requirements.

Apart from stainless steel the Berndorf Bäderbau company also uses glass, fiberglass, polypropylene and stone.